the wip hasn't killed me... yet.

The novel isn't going to write itself. I should know; I tried to get it to.

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Poor baby. LOL

literally almost every person reblogging this is so anti-white-cis-straight-males that it actually hurts my soul

is this really what tumblr has come to, saying someone is an arsehole for getting upset when he’s emotionally abused, purely because he’s a straight cisgender white guy? because that’s fucked up

Men who think women unlearning harmful socialization and recognizing oppressive social power structures for what they are is emotional abuse, though.

But, but, but… She stopped TAKING CARE OF MEEEEE!!!!!

Don’t you see the abuse here?! She stopped putting all her energy into meeeee!

Wow. It’s like she took a situation where a guy killed people because he was angry women didn’t pay more attention to him and wanted to talk about it. What was wrong with her?

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Will: hey, Hannibal. I’m sorry but I’m going to be late to dinner.

Hannibal: oh? What’s going on.

Will: I’ve got a date with the Chesapeake Ripper.

Hannibal: oooh, cool. I’ll put another bottle of wine out and … oh, you mean a case, don’t you?

Will: yeah. Sorry.

Hannibal: *&%$#@! it. I’m lego-blocking myself.*

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